Posted by Nick on January 31st, 2009


My name is Nick and I am just a random guy that uses Ubuntu for his everyday computer needs. At the time I write this I am an Ubuntu user for just 2 months, yet I have some previous experience with Ubuntu as I am a web developer and I use linux in our servers.

The main purpose behind this blog, is to actually journal my ubuntu experience as a newbie – at least in the desktop area – and share with you tips and interesting stuff I found about it. I am so fascinated that finally linux is an operating system that can be used by anyone, and as a guy who makes a leaving through open source technologies (I am a LAMP developer) I feel that I have to promote it and contribute in any way I can.

If you have any ideas, suggestions or you just want to send me some hate mail, feel free to drop me a line to nikolas at webdigity dot com

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