Ubuntu guy is a blog about the Ubuntu operating system, linux and open source in general. The main purpose behind this project is to help others convert from other proprietary operating systems(aka Windows) with tips on apps, news and other useful stuff for linux users.

Why Ubuntu linux?

Ubuntu linux is the easiest to use linux distribution, and the fact that it has a huge community (over 10.000.000 installations) makes it the widest spreaded linux distribution ever made. We support Ubuntu because we actually believe that it is the linux distro that can be a real competitor to mainstream operating systems.

Who is the Ubuntu guy?

Ok a little BS about me. My name is Nick Papanotas and I am a 29 years old web developer from Greece. I enjoy sunshine, the good red whine and spending some time with my girl. In my free time I like to contribute to a few web related open source projects. I also like social media sites.
So here are a few sites that I participate:

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Contact us

If you like the idea and want to share something with us, or you just want to send a hate mail to the owner of this site, feel free to drop me a line to nikolas at webdigity dot com. I will be glad to hear your thoughts :)