Ubuntu Guy is a team project. Our purpose is to promote Ubuntu and help people convert to linux from other platforms. For this reason we have writers that have variant levels of knowledge in linux/Ubuntu and that’s the reason that you will find here tutorials for newbies and experts as well. Bellow are some info about our writers:

Nick Papanotas

Linux expertise: medium

nick-papanotasNick is a freelancer web developer and SEO consultant from Greece. He is contributing in a few web development related open source projects with his main one being the php user class. His goal in life – at least at the moment – is stop taking freelance projects and dedicate to some open source project. Well we’ll see about that :)

Social : { blog (in greek) | twitter | facebook }

We are always looking for more writers in our blog. If you are interested feel free to send a note to nikolas at webdigity dot com.