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How to install Google Chrome (Chronium) in Ubuntu 9.10

Lately I had a few crashes in Firefox, plus the browser was really slow at some sites. Anyway Chrome for linux is stable at the moment, and even that it is a little buggy (still on beta) it worths a try. To be honest I’ve switched to Chronium(Chrome for linux) to all my pcs as […]


How to force ubuntu to check hard disks on startup

Today I have converted my laptop’s hard disk to ext4 and I wanted to perform a hard disk check just to be sure that everything was ok. As you may know there is a tool called e2fsck that checks hard disks for problems, but this will work best on an unmounted partition so I really […]


“WARNING” – Linux commercial

Ok I know this is a little bit old one but is one of the coolest linux related commercials I have ever seen. Enjoy gaziantep evden eve taşımacılık gaziantep evden eve taşımacılık