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How to install Google Chrome (Chronium) in Ubuntu 9.10

Lately I had a few crashes in Firefox, plus the browser was really slow at some sites. Anyway Chrome for linux is stable at the moment, and even that it is a little buggy (still on beta) it worths a try. To be honest I’ve switched to Chronium(Chrome for linux) to all my pcs as […]


How to force ubuntu to check hard disks on startup

Today I have converted my laptop’s hard disk to ext4 and I wanted to perform a hard disk check just to be sure that everything was ok. As you may know there is a tool called e2fsck that checks hard disks for problems, but this will work best on an unmounted partition so I really […]


Transmission, a lightweight bit torrent client for linux

Transmission is a lightweight but yet very powerful bit torrent client that you can use with any operating system besides windows. The cool thing about transmission is that it is full of features (web interface, cli support, encryption support, global and per torrent limits, etc) while it uses minimal system resources – it is written […]