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Posted by Nick on March 9th, 2009

As Ubuntu is going more into mainstream, many people around the world want to try this great operating system, but not many of them actually want to install it on their hard drives just for a preview or they are just afraid of that as an inexperienced user could possibly harm a system by doing so.

The linux community partially fixed that in the past when Knoppix released as a live CD and of course this is something that now is available for every major linux distribution including Ubuntu. Trying linux with a live CD is cool but you can’t add new software or play with it as with a real environment (write data, etc.)

This can be fixed by using a live USB portable drive installation. This way you can store your data, and actually you can get your system wherever you go :) So let me introduce you to…

uSbuntu live creator

uSbuntu live creator is a lightweight application created by Slÿm, a 24 years old French dude. This nice piece of software works under Windows (XP, 2003 and Vista) and creates bootable USB drives using an Ubuntu ISO image or a CD Rom. Alternatively uSbuntu can download an Ubuntu image for you.

usbuntu screenshot,

usbuntu screenshot

After the installation, you just have to change the boot order in BIOS (usually F12 or Del during boot start) and then you can boot with your new Ubuntu installation. The speed of the installation depends on your drive and USB bus, and it can’t be as fast as a normal installation but it is sure that you will be able to check Ubuntu in a better way than a live CD. The only I think I couldn’t do till now with a live USB installation is to upgrade the kernel which is of course something that you wont need to do while you are testing the operating system :)

You can download uSbuntu live creator from here.

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